Cold Fingers


Take a look out extensive range of Cold Finger Food ranging from Signature Peking Duck pancakes, to our boutique Baby dill scones with a Smoked Salmon mouse.

If you cant find something that you like, or would like something catered to your needs, feel free to call us and discuss your requirements.

As a rough guide, we recommend 6-8 items for 2 hours & 8-12 items for 3 hours.

Cold Selections Selections and Pricing per dozen*

$3.85 each Peking Duck pancakes rolled with greens and Hoisin

$36 - Poached prawns with a black sesame and miren dipping sauce G

$3.00 each - Oysters served in porcelain spoons with a light Asian marinade G

$36 - Salmon roe on blinis with chives and sour cream

$36 - Prawn cakes with sour cream and caramelised onion

$36 - King prawns served plain with dipping sauce or cajun spiced –subject to market price  G

$36 - Prawn skewers with soy and corriander marinade G

$36 - Prawn rice paper parcels with salmon roe G

$36 - Seared scallop with chervil and leek

$36 - Nori rolls with smoked salmon and salmon roe

$30 - Corn cakes with smoked trout, creme fraiche & dill

$28 - Potato roesti with smoked trout and salsa verde

$24 - Antipasta tartlets with sundried tomatoes, marinated eggplant & capsicum, salami, olives & cheese - can be made vegetarian

$24 - Sour dough rye bread circles topped with smoked salmon & tarragon mayonnaise

$24 - Baby dill scones with a smoked salmon mousse

$24 - Baby Yorkshire puddings topped with roast beef and horseradish dressing

$24 - Nori sushi rolls with smoked salmon & avocado or vegetarian

$24 - Olive pikelets with crispy prosciutto 

$22 - Sage and lemon marinated chicken wrapped & baked in pancetta G

$20 - Fresh asparagus rolled with ham, parmesan & filo & baked 

$20 - Rice paper rolls with corriander, mint and Hoisin sauce V G

$20 - Freshly made falafels with a minted yogurt sauce V G

$20 - Chargrilled polenta rounds with feta, fresh basil & oven roasted tomatoes V G 

$20 - Eggplant with feta, avocado & tomato relish V G

$20 - Chargrilled tandoori chicken with spring onions and yogurt sauce G

$18 - Mini bruschetta topped with an assortment of gourmet delights

$18 - Polenta biscuits topped with marinated capsicum & eggplant & with sour cream

$18 - Pumpkin, blue cheese & walnut or bacon, feta and olive mini muffins


Note. Due to preparation time a minimum order of 3 dozen are required per item.

Gluten free and Vegetarian options are also available V G


*NOTE: We are always ensuring that our pricing is kept up to date, but please be aware that it may change depending on market price.