Take a look at our extensive range of Sandwiches ranging from the standard favourites of Succulent Chicken Breast with Mayo & Avocado to Salmon, alfalfa & Cream Cheese.

If you cant find something that you like, or would like something catered to your needs, feel free to call us and discuss your requirements.

Point Sandwich Selections

Traditional rounds of white & brown bread filled with delicious combinations of fillings:

($5.00 per round- 4 points per round)

Our best leg ham, tomato chutney & salad 

Chicken breast with mayo, lettuce & avocado 

Egg, alfalfa, cucumber & lettuce

Beef, horseradish, tomato & lettuce

Salmon, alfalfa & cream cheese

Ribbon Sandwiches

Popular cocktail or club sandwiches consisting of 3 layers of buttered bread in combination with:

($6.00 / round - 3 ribbons per round)

Smoked salmon, cream cheese & alfalfa, 

Chicken, semi-dried tomatoes, lettuce & mayo

Ham, chutney, roasted eggplant & capsicum 

Roast beef, horseradish, tomato & lettuce

Baguettes, Focaccias & Sour Dough Sandwiches

(from $7.50 / round – 2 pieces per round)

Lamb, eggplant, lettuce & tzatsiki

Smoked cheese, lettuce, pesto & capsicum

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers & lettuce

Barbecue chicken with avocado, chives, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise

Roast beef, semi-dried tomatoes, lettuce & horseradish